More than 3,000 residents of Highland Park and Highwood are living below the poverty level.
Over one-fifth of District 112 students receive financial aid for lunch at school.
Many other residents need financial assistance in order to take part in the wide variety of programs and services our community offers.
The Highland Park Community Foundation is here to help – by enhancing the quality of life of our local residents.


We support organizations and programs that address the unmet needs of our community and expand opportunities for all Highland Park and Highwood residents.

We envision an inclusive, well-rounded and vibrant community where residents’ lives are enriched through our philanthropic efforts

In 2017, the Highland Park Community Foundation awarded nearly $183,000 in grants and scholarships to 35 local agencies. These funds serve to nurture children, strengthen families, assist older adults in remaining independent, develop leadership skills and academic confidence in teens, enhance artistic experiences, and support innovative programs in our community. Click here to see the list of 2017 Grant Recipients.

“Your efforts in assisting the services that are such a vital part of the community should be applauded by all of Highland Park, as the impact you have on so many is immeasurable.”

Pam Feinberg, Executive Director, Tri-Con Child Care Center

“We are grateful for the Highland Park Community Foundation’s partnership, supporting our efforts at expanding possibilities for individuals with disabilities.”

Gerilyn Miller-Brown, Development Manager of Grants & Foundations, Center for Independent Futures

“It’s…amazing the see the Foundation do so many wonderful things for the important service providers in [our community].”

Kelly Walker, Manager, Grants & Foundations, Big Brothers Big Sisters

In 2017, the Highland Park Community Foundation awarded nearly $183,000 to 35 agencies that provide services and programming to address the unmet needs in our community and expand opportunities for all residents. Accomplishing this in multiple ways, they nurture children, strengthen families, assist older adults, build academic confidence in youth, improve the emotional health and well-being of individuals, support individuals with disabilities, develop leadership skills in teens, enhance cultural experiences, and introduce innovative programs to our community. We proudly support their efforts, which make our community stronger. Click here to see the full list of 2017 grantees!