College Bound Opportunities (CBO)

College Bound Opportunities (CBO), is a local nonprofit that mentors low-income, high-achieving students, so they can attend and graduate from college. College Bound Opportunities mentors economically disadvantaged students to unleash their potential, graduate college, pursue meaningful professions, and inspire others to follow in their footsteps. Most CBO Scholars are first-generation college students and, without support, would likely forego college. Through CBO programs, including one-to-one mentoring between volunteers and scholars, tutoring, training services, laptop computers, and financial assistance during college, nearly 95% of CBO Scholars are graduating from college. The Foundation’s grant provides financial support to low-income students from Highland Park and Highwood to help with academic costs, textbooks, supplies, housing, and travel for college.

Highland Park High School – Homework Club  

Homework Club is a free, after-school tutoring program in math, science, English, and social studies offered at Highland Park High School Monday through Thursday. In addition to tutoring, students can receive counseling services as well as ACT prep. Anywhere from 50 – 100 students attend Homework Club each week. The Foundation’s grant provides students a safe, positive, and healthy environment to spend time after school, keeping students connected to supportive adults and away from unstructured, unsafe environments; and to provide 6-8 free field trips for students during summer vacation.

Highland Park High School – National Hispanic Institute Summer Program

The grant from the Highland Park Community Foundation helps fund scholarships for the National Hispanic Institute (NHI) Summer Program and enables Highland Park High School to send several high-achieving Latino students to the NHI Leadership Conference. The weeklong Conference is held each summer at DePaul University. Students from across the U.S. attend to learn leadership, communication, civic government, and community activism skills. The conference brings high-achieving Latino students from around the country together for a week of intensive leadership training on a college campus so they may develop their confidence as leaders, learn public speaking and leadership skills, gain a sophisticated understanding of how democratic governments work, build motivation toward obtaining a college education, and returning to their communities with a commitment to serving as positive role models.


Highland Park High School Working Together Programs

The Foundation’s grant supports five programs that provide various sports, crafts, and art instruction to children from low-income families in Highland Park and Highwood. The program is a partnership with Highland Park High School and the Working Together parent group. HPHS students are paired with the children and families for activities take place at the high school. The programs serve 150 children, aged 3-12, the majority of whom are low-income or students of color, and include dance, guitar, art, technology, and swimming.