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2019 Corporate Event Sponsors

Binny’s Beverage Depot
Bob Baizer/Romanucci & Blandin
First Bank of Highland Park
Kovitz Investment Group
Mesirow Financial
Autohaus on Edens
Highland Park Bank & Trust
North Shore Compassionate Care
Sunset Foods
ALX Salon
Bartlett Wealth Management
Fox Swibel Levin & Carroll LLP
Fulton Developers
Guy Scopelliti Landscape Inc
HLM Capital
IC Signs & Graphics
Illinois Bone & Joint Institute
Jasculca Terman Strategic Communications
Law Firm of Becker Gurian
Morgante Wilson
Porsche Exchange
RMB Capital
The Ribbon Print Company
True Juice
Tucker Development
Valerie Wilson Travel, Inc., Highland Park
Wipfli LLP

2019 Donors to the Foundation

Lois and Jon Mills*
Nancy and Andy Mills*
The Blane Foundation*
Anonymous Foundation
Betsy & David Brint
Richard Cortesi
Cari and Michael J. Sacks*
Roslyn and Alan Schwartz*
Karyn and Bill Silverstein
Bhaskaran Swaminathan*
The Phyllis and Henry Cretors Foundation
Wendy and Jim Abrams
Nancy and Joel Barnett
Shari and Mark Coe
Anne Kaplan*
Cookie and Henry Kohn
Monette and Craig Leva
Nathan and Jocelyn Zivin Foundation
Patricia and Ken Pell
Gail and Andy Brown
Deborah and Michael Cogan
Highland Park Firefighters 
Jean and Stanley Meadows
Kim and David Reich
Karen and Rich Reisin
Ellen and Ron Saslow
Robyn and Jonathan Schuster
Amy and Andy Small
Robin and David Small
WeeBee and Bruce Sperling
Jennifer Wolfe and Andrew Sprogis
Linda and Donald Stewart
The Adam Kuhn Scholarship Fund
Sallyan Windt


Alvin H. Baum Family Fund Caryl and Burt Lasko
Andrea and Richard Amend Lester & Edna Shapiro Family Foundation
Lisa and Jeff Aronin Laurie and Robert Levin
Ali and Sam Barnett Amy and Donald Lubin
Sue and Chuck Bergen Clifford Moos
Sue and Tony Blumberg Faye and Victor Morgenstern
Roger Brown Nancy and Robert Moss
Hilary and Gidon Cohen Jamie Strait Muller and Mark Muller
Jill and Tim Cunniff Wendy and Walter Nathan
Kim and Eric Ephraim Ann and Joe Pasquesi
Barbara and Larry Field Judy Perlman* 
Bonnie and Peter Flanzer Rhoda and Daniel Pierce
Jeffrey Foreman Tamara and Edward Polen
Jan and Jack Frigo Nicole and Steven Putzel
Wendy Shorr and Stuart Gelfman Ravinia Brewing
Carol and Peter Goldman Hannah Higgins and Joe Reinstein
Donna and James Gottlieb Marianne Reinisch
Geri and David Greenberg Renaissance Place
Ellen and Bill Greengoss Judy and Warner Rosenthal
Gayle and David Harris Susan and David Ruder
Sally Higginson Jessica and Steven Sarowitz
Bobbie and Rick Hinden Virginia Schulte
Marlow Hunter Sara and Michael Sher
Liane and Steven Joseph Jane and Michael Strauss
Joseph M. Siegman Family Foundation Merle and Jim Styer
Jane Kaplan The Harry and Betty Nusbaum Family Foundation
Kaplan Foundation Fund Trillium Foundaton
Barbara and Dennis Kessler Beth and Nate Tross
Julie and Colman Kraff Karen and Herb Wander
Susan and David Kreisman Brian Whittman
Kristen and Brock LaMarca Cindy and Scott Witten


Under $1000    
AbbVie Michelle Goldish Lori and Jeff Nathan
Regene Jo and Leslie Aberson Janice Goodman Davida and Rick Nelson
Sharon and Bob Abrams Simone Goodman Toby and Gordon Newman
Susan and William Abrams Annie and Jim Goodman Alan Nusinow
Steven Adatto Albert Goodstein  Brett Nussbaum
Ruth and Chuck Adler Dana and Lee Gordon Ginger O’Neill
Gayle and Michael Ahearn Julie and Richard Gordon Terri and Rob Olian
Andrew Altman Marcia and Todd Grayson Sylvana and Jorge Osorio
Barbara and Ronald Altman Donna and Jack Greenberg Pam and Rick Pappas
Sofia and Pablo Alvarez Carol and Alan Greene Evelyn Padorr
Andrea and Richard Amend Susan Merdinger and Steven Greene Marcia Paley
Lesley and James Anixter Nancy Greenebaum Emily Parece
Jamie and Jeff Annenberg Amy and Bob Greenebaum Kari Parekh
Anonymous Laurie and Gary Greenfield Julia Fiske and James Parker
Leslie and Greg Apter Lisa Newman and David Gross Deena and Keith Pascal
Joan Arenberg Marla and Terry Grossberg Brenda and Floyd Patten
Janice and Jeff Aronoff Leah Sosewitz and Helga Gruenbauer Shirley and Joe Peddle
Judy and Tom Aronson Gail Guggenheim Arlene Levy and Michael Pelletier
Rose and Robert Aronson Lilly and Mike Gunzburg Mike Perlman
David Ascher Nancy Gupta Sheryl Perlman
Susan and Dan Asher Nancy and Sam Guren Joyce Persky
Haley and Steve Baer Mark Guon Sally Peterson
Laurie and Grant Bagan Ellen and Lee Gussin Lorna Pfaelzer
Christine and John Bakalar Elaine and David Hacker Beth and Ted Pickus
Myra Balesi Iris and Brian Harris Fran and Jeff Pine
Marcia and Bruce Balonick Karen and Bruce Harris Betsey and Dale Pinkert
Bank of America Charitable Foundation Lynn and Jim Harris Francie and Stuart Pinkwater
Renee and Sanford Bank Laurel and Douglas Hart Ilana and Marc Platt
Cheryl and Theodore Banks Amy and Josh Hausman Robin and Jon Plotkin
Elise and Peter Barack Cindy and Richard Heineman Jill Goldstein and Kunal Pujara
Joan Zahnle and Rich Basofin Shannon Hellen Agnieszka Ral
Anne Flanigan Bassi and Vic Bassi Barbara and Jim Herst Linda and Ronald Rashkow
Amy and Gary Bazelon Lillian Herter Suzie and Ronald Raskin
Jacqueline and Edward Bazelon Bud and Hazel Herzog Lynn and Robert Razowsky
Brenda and Marty Becker Judy and Jay Heyman Susan and Howard Reese
Nancy and Richard Becker Highland Park Ford Lincoln  Laurie Regenbogen
Laura and Steve Becton Sharon and Neal Hirsch Carol and Lawrence Reich
Judy and Edward Bederman Julie and Ken Hoffman Caryn Summer and Bradley Reiff
Terry Beem Sara and Mitch Hoffman Laurie Reinstein
Stefanie Bell Michelle and Tom Holleman Mimi Shea and Ernie Reinstein
Susan Bell Carmen and Courtney Hollowell Phyllis Remer
Kathleen and Stuart Barnett Carol and Joel Honigberg Jori Saks and Steve Rheinstrom
Karen Rish and Michael Belsky Wendy and Scott Hork Marjorie Rissman
Esther and John Benjamin Nancy Horner Maribeth Roberti
Susan and Marc Benjamin Vicki and Tom Horwich Cindy and Jim Robinson
Robert Benton Cherie Hrusovsky Diane and David Rochester
Sue and Chuck Bergen Susan and Rod Humerick Judy Rolfe
Joan and David Bergman Jill and Joel Hurwitz Broucka Sarnoff and John Ropiequet
Susan and Ira Berk Susan and Steve Insoft Amy Zisook and David Rosen
Susan and Mitchell Berk Julie Isaacson Dr. and Mrs. Melvin Roseman
Chadd Berkun Judy Isenberg Marjie Sandlow and Barry Rosen
Joanne and Robert Bernstein Milton Jacobson Emily Rosenberg
Julie and Cal Bernstein Lorraine Jaffe Sheila Rosenberg
Susan and Ron Bernstein James Martin Associates Mike Rosenzweig
Marjorie Biederman Mary Moreland and Dan Jenks  Regina Rospenda
Sheryl Blackwell Joel Hirsch Yumi and Doug Ross
John Blane Joan Loeb Nancy and Rob Rotering
Abby and Larry Block Susan Kahn Jan and Marv Rotter
Alison and Andrew Bloom Rachel Kaiser Jane and Herbert Rozoff
Cindy Bloomgarden Herbert Kamin, Jr. Barbara Winer and Donald Rubin
Annette and Jerry Blumberg Renee and Gerald Kane Gerald Rudman
Linda and David Blumberg Joel Kaplan Caren and David Rudman
Lisa and Paul Blumberg Anita and Michael Kaplan Karen Ury and Steve Rudman
Gail and Brian Boorstein Marcia Bogolub and Phil Kaplan Gail and Saul Rudo
Barbara and Ron Borden Roberta and Joel Kaplan Galya Ben-Arieh and Jim Ruffer
Rick Borgeson Butch Karger Louise and Charles Saltzman
Dan Borstein Lonny Karmin Alison Salzman
Robbie and Jim Boudreau Lynne Karmin Michelle and Ralph Samuel
Michelle and Fred Bowers Linda and Peter Karmin Shelley Einstein Samuel
Beth and Bruce Boyd Terry and Geoff Kass Ruth Sang
Mary and Carl Boyer Ronald Katch Jamie Schachtel
Susie Taylor and Frank Bramson Gail and David Katz Roger Schoenfeld
Dawn and Ted Breiter Leslie Larson and Don Katz Alice and Don Schindel
Deborah and Ed Brill Bart Kaufman Julie and Robert Schlossberg
Zachary Brint Adele and Edward Kaufman Cathy and Joel Schneider
Ellen and Larry Bronska Amy and Dan Kaufman Debbie and Mark Schneiderman
Honey and Dan Bronson Elinor and David Kaufman Barbara Schrayer
Barb Brown Laura and Scott Kaufman Mari Hirsh and Buddy Schreiber
David Brown Andrea and Stanton Kawer Jeffrey Schubert
Bobbi and Ken Brown Gerry and Stephen Keen Jan and Howard Schultz
Carol and Ed Brown Ashley and Mike Kelly Season Of Change Foundation
Karen and Steve Brown Ken’s Quick Print Cheryl and John Seder
Carol Brusslan Holly Kerr Peggy Seesel
Beth and Samuel Buchsbaum Taryn and Doug Kessel Elizabeth and Richard Seidel
Maureen Buchholz Keyth Technologies Holly Siegel and Yoram Sela
Todd Budnick Leslie and Jonathan Kind Agi Semrad
Henry Budnik Heidi and Jim Kirsch Marlene and Stuart Senescu
Lisa Burke Adrienne and Ronald Kirshbaum Harriet Seitler
Barbara Smith and Timothy Burroughs Alyssa and Jeremy Knobel Kathy and Thomas Shafer
Hester Bury Nancy and Ted Koenig Clarissa Shah
Mildred and Joel Cahn Barbara and Mitchell Kohn Jane and John Shapira
Enid Callen Bozena Kolodziej Ilene Shaw
Carol Caris Sofia and Yianni Konstantinou Myrna and David Shaw
Linda and David Center Claudia and Alan Kooperman Bonnie Shay
Carolyn Cerf Monica and Lew Kornberg Vicki and Chris Sheahen
Chez Benoit Lori and Steven Korol Heather and Ben Sher
Jackie and Steve Chilow Michele and Tom Koulentes Carol and Norman Shubert
Stacie and Bob Chukerman Jill Weinberg and Bernard Kramer Judy Sickle
Felicite and Paul Clements Peggy Kreisman Susie and Dick Sigel
Robert Clingan Nancy and Hal Krent Lauren and Ty Simpson
Ellen Cohen Geraldine Kriser Judy and Bill Siskel
Jakee and Brad Cohen Eliezer Krumbein Ellen and Norton Small
Lisa and Barry Cohen Peg and Robert Laemle Ginger and David Smerling
Jane and John Colman Barbara and David Lansing Debbie and Paul Smith
Jeff Condren Sarah and Matt Lapides Julie and Rick Smith
Beth and Rick Conen Nancy Carson and Art Lasin Susan and Robert Smith
Sandra and Phillip Cooper Cristina and Bennett Lasko Susan and Lee Smolen
Karen and Richard Coplan Betsy and Scott Lassar Jean and David Sogin
Cathy and William Cora Alena and Ken Laube Shelley Kreiter-Solow and Sheldon Solow
Ila and Jim Coretti Adrienne and Lester Lawrence Marney and Bill Solomon
Ludmilla Ross Coven Sharon and Marc Leaf Kathy and Ronald Sonenthal
Paul Cox Carol Toddy Leavitt Beth and Mark Sonneborn
Jamie and Kevin Crouch Ilene Leavitt Sandy and Charles Sonneborn III
Desiree Ruhstrat and David Cunliffe Julie and Bob Lehrman Sally and Peter Spero
Mary and Neil Dahlmann Bob Leopold Margo and Joel Spitz
Marcia and Kenneth Denberg Jill Lesser Sue and Bob Steiner
Sarah and Stanley Dietzel Jon A. Levey Steve and Janice Hefter Family Foundation
Rochelle Distelheim Cheryl Levi Marietta Stevens
Adam Docks Marsha and Steven Levin James Stone
Dolores Kohl Education Foundation Rick Levine Samantha and Adam Stolberg
Edna and Hadley Donenberg Lauren Schrero and Adam Levy Susan Stewart
Rachel Dorfman Allan Lewis Lauren Stone
Nicole Druckman William Lewis Stephen Straus
Karly Brint and Jackson Dulla Karen and Craig Lewis Jamie and Dan Struck
Stephen Ehrlichman Elly Lieberman Marly Subido
Sharon and Peter Eisendrath Laura and Mark Lieberman Susie and John Sultan
Debbie and Jeff Elias Eunice Lieberstein Peggy and Jim Swartchild, Jr.
Dorothy and Mel Ellis Mimi and David Liebman Janet and Walter Swartz
Donna and Steven Elrod Sandra and Stephen Linker Terri and Allan Sweig
Sara Elsasser Riva and David Lipman Susan Swett
Kathy and Ron Emanuel*  Barbara and Steven Lippai Stuart Taussig
Francine and David Ephraim Terri and Michael Lipsitz Nancy and Marc Taxman
EPNA Pam and Howard Lipton Mira and Darryl Temkin
Carol and Michael Erde Joan and Stuart Liss Roberta and Leonard Tenner
Lisa and Henry Erlich Jennifer Livingston Pat and Bill Terman
James Esser Patricia Livingston The Benevity Community Impact Fund
Rochelle and David Fairman Karla and Roland Livney Margaret Howard and Linda Theroff
Pam Feinberg Elsie and Henry Loeb Lisa and Jeff Trotter
Terri and Avram Feldman Nancy London Paula Turelli
Donna and Martin Field Damaris Lorta Elise Varon
Ken Fishbain Louis S. and Barbara L. Kahn Family Foundation Terry and Ray Vismantas
Janet Fisher Tracy and Rod Lowenthal Barbara Volin
Joseph Fisher Jennifer and Matthew Luczkowiak Cheryl and Peter Waldstein
Lisa and Brad Fisher Liz and Richard Lund Matt Wallace
Susan and Jim Florsheim Sandra and Robert Lund Ruth Freedman and Daniel Wander
Focus on the Arts, Inc. Jessica and Torjus Lundevall Diane and Loren Weil
Beryl Foreman Karyn Lutz Jan and Joseph Weil
Mara and Stuart Fox Barbara Luttenberger Judith and Joseph Weil
Mary Schreibstein and Michael Fox James Lynch Liz and Danny Weil
Charles Frank Mardie MacKimm Shari and Craig Weil
Janet Freed Eileen McMahon Brenda Weitzberg
Jennifer Freeman Sheriann and Dave Manci Michael Weinberg
Mary and Richard Freeman Jill and John Mandel Jody and Dean Weinberg
Ruth Freer Kisha Mani Susan and Alvin Weindruch
Marci and Steve Friedman Roberta and George Mann Marla Weiner
Staci and Kenny Friedman Nancy Mantynband Hilary and Barry Weinstein
Mary Jane Gabrielson Paulette and Edward Margulies Ann and Leonard Weiskirch
Rita Galowich Glenda and Sandy Mason Barbara and Victor Weisskopf
Bryna and Edward Gamson Matter Family Office Adam Weiss
Lauren Beth Gash and Gregg Garmisa Linda Matthew Jennifer Weiss
Susan and Henry Gault Karen and Mort May Margie Weiss
Marc Gaines Sally Walsh and Thomas McMenamin Lynne and Alan Weiss
Ann and Ray Geraci Barbara and Mark Mehlman Kimberly Stone and Ken Wexler
Meredith and Ellie Gershenson Monica and Keith Mellovitz Patrick White
Helene Gerstein Lois Melvoin Debra and Steve Wilneff
Julie and Mark Gerstein Sara and Richard Mesirow Jeff Wineman
Aliza Gilbert Karen and Steven Meyer Deborah and Adam Winick
Leslee and Mark Gilhooley Shirley Miller Kevin Winston
Mari and Bill Gimbel Sara Minkus Karen and Randall Winters
Sarah and Erik Gimbel Lucy Minor Andrea Wintroub
Miriam and Richard Glabman Mercedes Lopez-Mjaanes and Jeffrey Mjaanes Frank Witt
Ginny and David Glasner Magdalena Wrobel & Eric Montes Nadine and Richard Woldenberg
Jane Glickman Diane and Jim Moore Nicki and Jim Woldenberg
Michael Glickman Bob Morgan Cindy Wolfson
Brenda and Howard Goffen Julie and Joe Morrison Barbara and Leonard Worsek
Cheryl and Ken Goldberg Lois Moss Lisa and Richard Worsek
Muriel and Ronald Goldberg Alice Peterson and Paul Munk Harriet Wulfstat
Nancy and Alan Goldberg Jeannie Murphy Sue Fisher and Larry Yellen
Paula Glanzman Goldberg Patti and Mark Nahin Gilat and Mitchell Zamost
Janice and Joel Goldblatt Marilyn Naiditch Sandy and Marv Zessar
Judith Goldman Sharon Narrod Deborah and Burton Zirin
Roberta and Robert Goldman Carolyn Rosenberg and Steve Nasatir Lois and Edmond Zisook
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