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Abrams III Foundation
Wendy and Jim Abrams
Sofia and Pablo Alvarez
Richard and Andrea Amend
James and Lesley Anixter
Janice Aronoff
Tom and Judy Aronson
Rose and Robert Aronson
Autohaus on Edens
Christine and John Bakalar
Renee and Sanford Bank
Cheryl and Ted Banks
Elise and Peter Barack
Stuart and Kathleen Barnett
Joel and Nancy Barnett
Anne and Victor Bassi
Amy and Gary Bazelon
Martin Becker
John and Joanne Beckwith
Marc and Susan Benjamin
John and Esther Benjamin
Wayne and Susan Benjamin
Sue and Chuck Bergen
Mr. and Mrs. David Bergman
Ira and Susan Berk
Keith and Janna Berk
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Berkman
Arthur and Janice Berman
Sam and Judith Bernstein
Best Dog Inn
Marjorie Biederman
John Blane
Jack Blane
Abby and Larry Block
Alison and Andrew Bloom
Cindy Bloomgarden
Annette and Jerry Blumberg
Jack and Barbara Blumberg
David and Linda Blumberg
Lisa and Paul Blumberg
Dan and Samantha Borstein
Barbara and Ron Borden
Robbie Boudreau
Beth and Bruce Boyd
Betsy and David Brint
Zachary Brint
Larry and Ellen Bronska
Honey Bronson
Barb Brown
Gail and Andy Brown
David Brown
Steve Brown
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Brown
Carol Brussian
Maureen Buchholz
Samuel and Beth Buchsbaum
Mr. and Mrs. Todd Budnick
Mrs. Ruth Buhai
Barbara Smith and Timothy Burroughs
Mildred and Joel Cahn
Michael and Denise Caplan
Carol Caris
Jonathan and Rebecca Carson
Mr. and Mrs. Bob Chukerman
Deborah and Michael Cogan
Hilary and Gidon Cohen
Brad and Jakee Cohen
John and Jane Coleman
Richard and Beth Conen
Lewis and Horty Coplan
Cathy Cora
Arthur and Judy Coren
Richard Cortesi
Neil and Mary Dahlmann
Ruth Davis
Marcia and Kenneth Denberg
Julie Deutsch
Mark and Roberta Dietzen
Dr. Charles Dobrusin
Joan Dubin
Josh and Jake Dubrow
Jeffery and Julie Echt
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Ehrlichman
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Eisendrath
Mel and Dorothy Ellis
Barry and Joan Elman
Ron and Kathy Emanuel Family Foundation
David and Rochelle Fairman
David and Tracy Fairman
Larry and Rose Feder
Lenny and Barbara Feldman
Terri and Avram Feldman
Harold and Adair Fell
Larry and Barbara Field
Susan Fieldman
First Bank of Highland Park
Keith Fisher
Peter and Bonnie Flanzer
Lisa and Jonathan Fleisher
Mickey and Lisa Foreman
Ron Foreman
Charles Frank
Merrill and Janet Freed
Ruth Freedman
Richard and Mary Freeman
Ruth Freer
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Friedman
Jan and Jack Frigo
Edward and Bryna Gamson
Lauren Beth Gash
Michael and Barbara Gelber
Carol Stein and Betty Geller
John and Judy George
Ann and Ray Geraci
Ann Gershenow
Helene Gerstein
Mari and William Gimbel
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Goldberg
Robert and Roberta Goldman
Michael and Judith Goldman
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Goldman
Donald and Alice Goldsmith
Bruce and Mary Goodman
Simone Goodman
Albert Goodstein Foundation
Margaret and Richard Gore
James and Donna Gottlieb
Amy and Bob Greenebaum
Donna and Jack Greenberg
David and Geri Greenberg
Nancy Greenebaum
Gail Guggenheim
Sam and Nancy Guren
Mr. and Mrs. Lee Gussin
David Hacker
Mrs. Susan Haimes
Kathy and Arthur Hahn
Thomas Harris
David and Gayle Harris
Karen and Bruce Harris
Mr. and Mrs. Samuel J. Henry
Barbara and Jim Herst
Lillian Herter
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Herzog
Jay and Judy Heyman
Susan Heyman
Sally Higginson
Neal and Sharon Hirsch
Mari Hirsh
Joel and Carol Honigberg
Cathy and Marc Horowitz
Margaret C. Howard
Mr. and Mrs. Rod Humerick
Georganni and Jim Humphrey
Julie Isaacson
Cory and Stephanie Isaacson
JSJ Foundation
Milton and Gail Jacobson
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Joseph
Dr. Gerald and Renee Kane
Mayer & Morris Kaplan Family Foundation
Dr. Joel and Roberta Kaplan
Carol and Ed Kaplan
Richard Kaplan
Ronald Katch
Amy and Daniel Kaufman
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Kaufman
Dr. Mary Kavoosi
Stephen and Gerry Keen
Helene Keller
Ken’s Quick Print
Mr. and Mrs. William Keogh
Holly Kerr
Barbara and Dennis Kessler
Gretel Kiefer
Linda and Mel Klein
Annette Kleinman
Alyssa Knobel
William and Joyce Koch
Henry and Cookie Kohn
Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell Kohn
Mr. and Mrs. Alan Kooperman
Benjamin and Elizabeth Kopin
Rick and Stephanie Koretz
Mr. and Mrs. Steven Korol
Mr. and Mrs. Colman Kraff
Jill and Bernard Kramer
Doris Kraus
David and Susan Kreisman
Hal and Nancy Krent
Jeffrey Kurland
Margaret and Robert Laemle
Burt and Caryl Lasko
Carole and Ken Latimer
Lester and Adrienne Lawrence
Kerry and Michael L. Leaf
Richard and Debra Learner
Monette and Craig Leva
Robert and Laurie Levin
Tony and Susan Licata
Mark and Laura Lieberman
Elly Lieberman
Eunice Lieberstein
Anna and Jeffrey Lieblich
David Liebman
Michael and Terri Lipsitz
Howard and Pam Lipton
Joan and Stuart Liss
Patricia Livingston
Anne and Andrew Livingston
Jennifer Livingston
Joan and Herbert Loeb
Dr. Henry and Elsie Loeb
Donald and Amy Lubin
Richard and Liz Lund
Mardie MacKimm
John and Jill Mandel
George and Roberta Mann
Nancy Mantynband
Donalee and Norman Markus
Barbara Marder
Lyla Marder
Martin Associates
Dr. C.S.A. Walshe and T. McMenamin
Stanley and Jean Meadows
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Mehlman
Keith Mellovitz
Mrs. Lois Melvoin
Mesirow Family Foundation
Steven and Karen Meyer
Shirley Miller
Lois and Jon Mills
Nancy and Andrew Mills
Lucy Minor
Modestus Bauer Foundation
Jim and Diane Moore
J. Clifford Moos
Lois Moss
Patti and Mark Nahin
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Nasatir
Walter and Wendy Nathan
Louis and Abby Natenshon
Gordon and Toby Newman
Barbara O’Connell
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel O’Keefe
Robert and Terri Olian
Bill and Yvonne Ornt
Mayor Charlie and Jessica Pecaro
Mrs. Patricia Pell
Mr. and Mrs. Ted Pickus
Daniel and Rhoda Pierce
Dale and Betsy Pinkert
Stuart and Francie Pinkwater
Mike and Dana Pinsel
Marc and Ilana Platt
Edward and Tamara Polen
Jonathan and Andrea Primer
Steven and Nicole Putzel
Stephen and Julie Rachman
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Razowsky
Howard and Susan Reese
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Reich
David Reich
Charla Reinganum
Marianne Reinisch
Hannah and Joe Reinstein
Mrs. Laurie Reinstein
Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Reisin
Rich and Karen Reisin
Mr. and Mrs. Craig Rheingruber
David and Marilyn Robbin
David and Kathy Robin
Cindy Robinson
Judy Rolfe
Melvin K. Roseman
Amy Zisook and David Rosen
Ann and Neal Rosen
Warner and Judy Rosenthal
Mr. and Mrs. Jordan Rotheiser
Herb Rozoff
David and Susan Ruder
Gerald Rudman
Nick and Kimberly Saccaro
Julie and Ken Sacks
Charles and Louise Saltzman
Alison and Martin Salzman
Ruth Sang
Ron and Ellen Saslow
Don and Alice Schindel
Diane and Uriel Schlair
Amanda Scholz
John and Teddi Scholz
Robert and Julie Schlossberg
Jeffrey Schubert
Virginia Schulte
Howard Schultz
Roslyn and Alan Schwartz
Patrick Schwarz
Mr. and Mrs. Howard Schwarzbach
Thomas and Kathy Shafer
Jane and John Shapira
Andrew and Robin Shapiro
Carl Borden and Joel Shapiro
Lester and Edna Shapiro Foundation
Ilene W. Shaw
Francis Sheahen
Lloyd E. Shefsky
Mr. and Mrs. Ben Sher
Michael and Sara Sher
Mr. and Mrs. Norman A. Shubert
Dick and Susie Sigel
Bill and Karyn Silverstein
Bill and Judy Siskel
Mr. and Mrs. Andy Small
Mr. and Mrs. Rick Smith
Robert and Susan Smith
Jean and David Sogin
Ronald and Kathy Sonenthal
Charles and Sandy Sonneborn
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Sonneborn
Leah Sosewitz
Dr. and Mrs. Stewart Spies
St. Andrews Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Joel Stein
Mr. and Mrs. Bernie Steves
Donald and Linda Stewart
Judith Stone
Kimberly Stone
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Stone
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Straus
Merle and Jim Styer
Dr. and Mrs. John Sultan
Jim and Peggy Swartchild, Jr.
Walter and Janet Swartz
Allan and Terri Sweig
Stuart K. Taussig
Elinor R. Thaviu
Trillium Foundation
Ginger and Fred Uhlmann
Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Vitulli
Peter and Cheryl Waldstein
Herb and Karen Wander
Mr. and Mrs. Craig Weil
Karen and Ed Weil
Joseph and Judith Weil
Joseph and Jan Weil
Stefanie Pessis Weil
Jody and Dean Weinberg
Alan and Lynne Weiss
Barbara and Victor Weisskopf
Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Wellek
Sallyan Windt
Jeff Wineman
Dr. Alvin and Sybil Winer
Mrs. John Witten
Scott and Cindy Witten
Jim Woldenberg
Richard and Nadine Woldenberg
Richard and Lisa Worsek
Deborah and Burton Zirin
Lois and Edmond Zisook
Marc and Deborah Zionts

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